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WIkipedia: Five Pillars Unrestricted Resource
The five fundamental principles of WIkipedia. This page includes Wikipedia norms for behavior and discourse, as well as all Wikipedia polices and guidelines.
Wikipedia Quality Scale

All Wikipedia articles are assessed by members of WikiProjects in one or more subject areas. Each WikiProject employs a quality scale to assess articles. To locate the quality scale of any Wikipedia article, click on its Talk page in the upper left hand corner of the page.

The WikiProjects will provide their ratings for the article; click on "show" for each WikiProject quality scale rating.
Here is what we find when we go to the Talk page for the Wikipedia article "Library":
Quality Scale Grading Scheme
Click here for a large version of the quality scale grading scheme. Otherwise, check out the image below:
Evaluating Wikipedia Articles
Evaluating Wikipedia: Tracing the evolution and evaluating the quality of articles. pdf Phoebe Ayers of the Wikimedia Foundation published a quick guide to tracking edit history, Wikipedia article evaluation, and tips on how to improve articles.

In general, high quality Wikipedia articles have five elements:
  • a lead section that gives an easy-to-understand overview;
  • a clear structure;
  • balanced coverage;
  • neutral content;
  • reliable sources.
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