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Voting and Civic Engagement

How do I vote?

SCSU Get Out the Vote website

Voting Instructions for the 2020 Election
  1. Register to Vote

    Information for College Students
  2. Request an Online Absentee Application 
See also Vote Early By Mail instructions from the Office of the MN Secretary of State (Download a printable Fact Sheet)
Vote 411
  • Find out what's on your ballot so you can research the candidates before you cast your vote.
  • Check your voter registration and register if you need to.
  • Find your polling place.
  • Discover upcoming debates in your area.
State Student Voting Guides (Campus Vote Project)
A state-specific guide to help students understand their rights and how to register and cast a ballot in their school or home community.

Vote From Home
Step-by-step instructions from the League of Women Voters of Minnesota.

What's On My Ballot?
View your sample ballot so you can research the candidates before you cast your vote.

Polling Place Finder
If you prefer to vote in person, find out where to go.

Get Ready to Vote (Rock the Vote)
Find out how to register to vote in Minnesota, what you need to do to prepare to vote, and what your voting rights are.
How will the pandemic affect the election?
Your right to vote
We Vote. We Count.
A platform for people to share stories of interference with their voting rights at the polls, in the hopes of sparking action that guarantees full voter protection. 

Voting Rights (ACLU)
Explores issues surrounding the upcoming 2020 election including promoting access to the ballot, fighting voter suppression, voter restoration, the Voting Rights Act, and gerrymandering.

Block the Vote: Voter Suppression in 2020 (ACLU)
Highlights issues of voter disenfranchisement in the current era.
How do I become more civically engaged?
Take a quiz on a range of political issues to help you determine which political parties and candidates best align with your views. 

Take Action (Rock the Vote)
Message your reps, contact your elected officials, and engage with issues that are important to you. 

Department of Campus Involvement (SCSU)
Find out about volunteer and civic engagement opportunities on and off campus.
Engaging students in the classroom
American Democracy Project (AAC&U)
A multi-campus initiative, including SCSU, that produces campus-centered activities and materials to promote civic learning and engagement. 

Learning Democracy: A Student's Guide to Voting (Teacher's Edition) (PDF)
Provides a history of suffrage, questions to consider, and ideas for action (from FairVote).

Strengthening Minnesota's Culture of Civic Engagement (PDF)
A guide for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to discuss ways to improve civic life.

Voting and Elections: Resources for a Civil Classroom
A collection of resources from Teaching Tolerance, focused on engaging students in vital societal issues.
Why is the 2020 Census important?
2020 Census: Every Person Counts (League of Women Voters in Minnesota)
Information about historically undercounted Minnesotans and how underrepresentation in the U.S. Census affects political representation, federal funding, and planning abilities for our state. Includes action steps.
Research data from past elections
Minnesota Historical Election Archive
A searchable online database of Minnesota election results that compiles nearly 20,000 elections conducted since statehood.

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