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University Library Collections Review FY 2019
We would like to thank everyone who has given feedback on the list of proposed subscription cancellations and expressed their concerns.  Based on your feedback, pending final budget numbers in July, we have removed the following titles from the cancellation list:
  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
These three subscriptions listed above will be available in FY 19. The University Library will cancel all other resources on the proposed FY 19 cancellation lists for databases and journals.

This is our second big subscriptions review; please visit Library Subscriptions Review - Collections Task Force for the results of our first review of FY 18 cancellations.
Subscription Review Evaluation Criteria
We used the following criteria for our decision making process:
Evaluation criteria, in alphabetical order:
  • Coverage Available in Subject Area. Library faculty are aware that each journal publishes unique content, and that this fact underlies the reasoning in having subscribed to the resource in the first place.
  • Existence of a Program or Major in the Subject Area Covered.
  • Faculty Rating of Importance.
    Faculty rating, and comments, from last year’s library subscriptions survey on importance of a resource have been invaluable.
  • Journal Impact Factor and/or Eigenfactor.
  • Overlap of content in existing databases. Duplication of content can occur between databases that also contain significant unique content, so the library may have had access to serials in some form included in another database subscription. 
  • Price. We will never cut a title merely because it is expensive. All other criteria come into play in the consideration of any high-priced resource, because if we subscribed in the first place we did so for reasons relating to their significance.
  • Print v. Online. Some subscriptions are available both in print and online. When we have a choice, we retain what we perceive to be the most useful format—generally considered to be the online version, which is available remotely, 24/7.
  • Usage. When ordering resources, the library is in a constant battle between “just in case” and “just in time”. We also know that some resources are used for courses that may not be taught every single year. We also know that some programs have more students than others and are taking this into account in our assessment of ‘low’ v. ‘high’ usage of titles in those areas.
FY 19 Databases Marked for Cancellation
Databases Subject or Discipline  End Date
Cabell’s  Business 9/30/2018
Morningstar  Business 12/31/2018
LexisNexis Academic  Business/Law 6/30/2018
CQ Researcher General 6/30/2018
RefWorks  General 6/30/2018
NISO Membership General/Library Sci 6/30/2018
Choice Review on Cards General/Operational 12/31/2018
GOBI EOCR Services General/Operational 6/30/2018
GOBI Library Solutions Service General/Operational 6/30/2018
Library Lit & Info Science  Library Science 6/30/2018
Scopus Science 12/31/2018
JOVE  Science, General 6/30/2018
ACM Digital Library  STEM 12/31/2018
FY 19 Journals Marked for Cancellation
Format Serials / Standing Orders  Subject or Discipline  End Date
Serials Art in America Art 1/31/2019
Serials ArtForum International Art 2/28/2019
Serials Human Organization Art and Humanities/SS 12/31/2018
Serials Journal of American Studies Art and Humanities/SS 12/31/2018
Serials Journal of Research on Adolescence Art and Humanities/SS 12/31/2018
Serials African Studies Arts and Humanities 12/31/2018
Serials China Quarterly Arts and Humanities 12/31/2018
Serials Ethics Arts and Humanities 12/31/2018
Serials Journal of Near Eastern Studies Arts and Humanities 12/31/2018
Serials Journal of Religion Arts and Humanities 12/31/2019
Standing Order Advertising Red Books Business 6/30/2018
Serials Fortune (Domestic ed) Business 6/30/2019
Serials Journal of Management Studies Business 12/31/2018
Serials NBER Macroeconomics Annual Business 12/31/2018
Standing Order Publication Design Annual Business 6/30/2018
Serials Review of Economic Studies Business 12/31/2018
Serials Economic Geography Business/Economics 12/31/2018
Serials ASHE Higher Education Report Education 12/31/2018
Serials College Teaching Education 12/31/2018
Serials Journal of Experimental Education Education 12/31/2018
Serials New Directions for Community colleges Education 12/31/2018
Serials New Directions for Higher Education Education 12/31/2018
Serials New Directions for Student Services Education 12/31/2018
Serials New Directions for Teaching and Learning Education 12/31/2018
Serials Religious Education Education 12/31/2018
Serials Theory & Research in Social Education Education 12/31/2018
Serials Consumer Reports General 12/31/2018
Serials Duluth News-Tribune General 7/31/2019
Serials National Geographic General 12/31/2018
Serials USA Today General 6/30/2018
Serials Extra! (the Newsletter of FAIR) General/Journalism 12/31/2018
Serials Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development HHS 12/31/2018
Serials Psychological Reports HHS 12/31/2018
Serials Journal of Aging and Social Policy HHS  12/31/2018
Serials Sight and Sound HHS  12/31/2018
Serials Journal of Women & Aging HHS, Law, SS 12/31/2018
Serials Collection Management Library Science 12/31/2018
Serials Library Journal (incls Bookverdict) LIbrary Science 12/31/2018
Serials Better Homes and Gardens Popular 12/31/2018
Serials Glamour Popular 12/31/2018
Serials Money Popular 2/28/2019
Serials Ms Popular 12/31/2018
Serials Outside Popular 12/31/2018
Serials Parents Popular 12/31/2018
Serials People Popular 12/31/2018
Serials Popular Science Popular 12/31/2018
Serials Readers Digest (US edition) Popular 12/31/2018
Serials Runner's World (US) Popular 12/31/2018
Serials Sports N Spokes Popular 12/31/2018
Serials Presidential Studies Quarterly SS 12/31/2018
Serials College Art Association of America Basic Membership   12/31/2018
Library Collections and Support

For any research or resource questions, please refer to our list of subject specialists to contact a librarian within your discipline for assistance. We are ready and willing to work with you on the following:

  • Locating alternate resources in our existing and shared library collections to support your teaching, research, scholarship and creative works.
  • Investigating open education/open access resources to support your teaching, research, scholarship, and creative works.
RefWorks Replacement Update
RefWorks account holders--deadline to export RefWorks accounts to Zotero or Mendeley is June 30! For more information about Zotero and Mendeley, please visit our Citation Styles guide.
The Big Picture

On Increasing Costs Over Time

The increasing cost of academic journals--a problem that every university library faces--is outpacing the national rate of inflation. One can follow the trend from this chart, provided by the University of California Santa Barbara's "Budget Challenges" subject guide, and reproducd in the University of Maryland "Why Do We Have to Cut Journals?" subject guide:

A recent Library Journal article providing more information about the rising cost of journals, as well as the average cost per journal by discipline, may be found here.


On the state of St. Cloud State University Library in Particular (derived from SCSU Library data):

In FY 2008, serials and databases made up 80% of the SCSU University Library budget. Over time, costs continued to rise, but funds became scarce. As the Library experienced budget decreases, the collections budget became depleted by ongoing subscriptions for databases and journals, leaving no funds for books or DVDs.

Historical Collections Budget Data - spreadsheet docx

Collections Management Task Force
Robin Ewing, Professor / Assessment Librarian,

Jo Flanders, Associate Professor / Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian,

Mary O'Dea, Assistant Professor / Emerging Technologies & Systems Librarian,

Olivia Olivares, Associate Professor / Research Librarian,

Rachel Wexelbaum, Associate Professor / Collection Management Librarian,

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