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SPAN 411: Sefarad: Jewish Spain

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General Information About Sephardic Jews
Please visit the Jewish Virtual Library for more information.

"Migrations and Settlements of the Spanish Jews". Retrieved from
"A research tool for Sephardic genealogy/Jewish genealogy" (from home page). Includes information on history of Sephardim, last names, rituals, cultural contributions, famous Sephardic people, family histories, music, literature, and recipes.

Society for Crypto Judaic Studies
"The Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies (SCJS) fosters the research of the historical and contemporary development of crypto-Jews of Iberian origin. Additionally, it provides a venue for the descendants of crypto-Jews, scholars, and other interested parties to network and discuss pertinent issues." (from home page). SCJS publishes a journal, The Society for Crypto Judaic Studies, in collaboration with Florida International University. SCJS also publishes HaLapid, a quarterly online journal, and provides a substantial list of other Sephardic and Ladino research resources.
Ladino Language and Literature Websites
Ladino Today Unrestricted Resource
An article from about the history of Ladino and its revival in the 21st century.

Ladinokomunita: A Quick Explanation of Ladino Unrestricted Resource
A page from the Ladino Preservation Council of the Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture. Includes two audio clips of spoken Ladino.

Ladino (djudeoespanyol) Unrestricted Resource
Description of the Ladino language, as well as the written script and links to other resources, from Omniglot: The Online Encyclopedia of Writing Systems and Languages.

Learn Ladino from Byki Unrestricted Resource Resource contains audio
Learn Ladino vocabulary and phrases from Byki.

Jewish Language Research Website: Ladino Unrestricted Resource
History of the Ladino language. Includes sample texts and oral stories and songs.

Ladino Lengua y Cultura Unrestricted Resource
The ultimate website on Ladino language and resources. In Ladino.

Ladino Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Unrestricted Resource
A program to pursue further studies in Ladino.

500 Years of Ladino Literature: An Overview Unrestricted Resource Resource contains audio
Slideshare presentation from University of Oregon Associate Professor of Spanish David A. Wacks. Comprehensive introduction to the history of Ladino speakers, the Ladino diaspora, and Ladino literature.

Judeo-Spanish (Ladino-Press) Unrestricted Resource
Examples of Turkish Jewish newspapers from the Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture.

El Amaneser: A Turkish Ladino Newspaper Making a Comeback

Sephardic Film for Everyone
The following websites provide lists and some summaries of films by and about Sephardic peoples. You will need to locate one of these films to watch and review for a SPAN 411 course assignment. Please check with Professor Splittgerber or Collection Management Librarian Rachel Wexelbaum for further assistance.

The National Center for Jewish Film: Sephardic and Latin American Film
Titles and plot summaries of Sephardic Jewish films.

The New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival at the Center for Jewish History
Click on the dates of the Festival Schedule for titles and plot summaries of Sephardic Jewish films.

The Sephardic Jewish Film Festival
Click on "Films" and "Archives" for lists of Sephardic Jewish films. Some titles come with plot summaries.
Sephardic Music for Everyone
Sephardic Music: A Century of Recordings
"This website showcases over 100 years of recorded Sephardic music, from the 78 rpm era to the present. It first explores in detail the earliest Sephardic recordings, the artists that made them, and their repertory and performance practices. These early recordings tell a rich story of Sephardic musical life in the first half of the 20th century." (from website)

A Short Bibliography of Sephardic Music
Includes discographies, documentary recordings, non/semi-documentary recordings, a glossary, and other resources. Sephardic Music
Sephardic music is alive and well! Visit to listen to modern Sephardic music recording artists.

Music Judaica Online Reviews

"Musica Judaica Online Reviews is an open-access online journal that publishes reviews of books, films, significant events, and recordings chronicling all forms of Jewish musical expression.

"This journal is an electronic edition of the reviews section of Musica Judaica, a scholarly journal that focuses on Jewish music research. Musica Judaica has been published by the American Society for Jewish Music since 1976, and caters to scholars, composers, cantors, rabbis, and laypeople interested in Jewish musical expressions." (from journal)

Sephardic Congregations in the United States
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