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Scholarly Journals and the Peer Review Process

Module Checklist
  1. Become familiar with the Important Definitions
  2. Watch all three videos
  3. Study the Scholarly, Popular, and Trade Journal Comparisons
  4. Complete the Popular vs. Scholarly Practice activities
The Peer Review Process
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From Idea to Library
What is a Scholarly Article?

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Important Definitions
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Periodical: A publication, such as a magazine, newspaper, or scholarly journal, that is issued at regular intervals (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, annually).

Journal: A publication with articles written (and sometimes reviewed) by subject matter experts. Some examples include scholarly journals and trade journals.

Trade journal: A publication with articles written by professionals and covering topics relevant to a specific industry, type of business, or profession.

Scholarly journal: A publication with articles that are written and peer-reviewed by subject matter experts, usually scholars at colleges and universities, and that focus on research.

Peer-review: A process by which a scholarly work (such as a paper or a research proposal) is checked by a group of experts in the same field to make sure it meets the necessary standards before it is published or accepted

Magazine: A publication with articles of popular interest, written by journalists with or without subject expertise, and aimed at a general audience.
Sources: and Howard, Rebecca Moore. Writing Matters: A Handbook for Writing and Research. 2nd ed. NY: McGraw-Hill, 2014. Print.
Scholarly, Popular, Trade Journal Comparisons
Popular vs. Scholarly Practice
Popular vs. Scholarly Articles - Guide
Learn about the differences between popular and scholarly articles. (University of Arizona)

Popular vs. Scholarly Sources: What's the Difference?
Complete the different activities. (Skip Game 2 under Play as the links will ask for a login that we don't have.)

Compare and contrast the following articles. What makes one popular and the other scholarly?

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