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Articles and research
SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts) Restricted Resource findit database

SciFinder Scholar is the preeminent source of scholarly research in all aspects of Chemistry, searching over 23 million scholarly articles from Chemical Abstracts and Medline.

Access is limited to students and faculty at St. Cloud State University. From an on-campus computer, users must complete individual user registration using your SCSU email address.

  • SciFinder Training and Support Unrestricted Resource
    SciFinder Scholar is a powerful search tool with several search options. CAS provides excellent tutorials and documents on general, substance, reaction, and reference searching. The University of Texas provides an excellent SciFinder Scholar FAQ.
Dimensions Unrestricted Resource
"Dimensions is a modern and innovative, linked research data infrastructure and tool, re-imagining discovery and access to research: grants, publications, citations, clinical trials, and patents in one place"

Medline Restricted Resource findit elm database
Indexes more than 19,000 journals, 1950 to present, in all areas of medicine, nursing, health services administration, nutrition, and other areas.

ACS Chemistry Journals Restricted Resource Some full text availabledatabase
Full text access to a selection of chemisty journals published by the American Chemical Society.
Supplemental articles and research
ScienceDirect Restricted Resource Some full text availabledatabase
Search over 1,200 scholarly journals published by Elsevier. ScienceDirect is multisubject, but specializes in science. Note: We do not have full text access to all journals. 1993 to present for Academic Press journals; 1996 to present for Elsevier journals

Nature Unrestricted Resource Some full text availabledatabase
Nature is a weekly international journal publishing peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. Nature also provides rapid, authoritative, insightful and arresting news and interpretation of topical and coming trends affecting science, scientists and the wider public. Coverage includes a 4 year rolling archive to current.

PubMed Unrestricted Resource database
"PubMed comprises more than 24 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books."

Google Scholar Restricted Resource database
Searches academic papers and other scholarly literature. Go to Settings and set SCSU as your "Library link" to get full text available through the library.
To enable the "FindIt!" link from off campus:
  • You need to create a Google account to login.
  • After login, click on the down arrow adjacent to "My Citations," then click on "Settings."
  • In the left column, click on "Library Links." Enter "St. Cloud State University" in the Library Links search box.
  • Click "St. Cloud State University - Available via SCSU FindIt" to enable.
  • Save preferences.

Chemical Sciences Article Repository Unrestricted Resource
This open access repository is sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) and includes many articles from RSC journals.

Chemistry Commons Unrestricted Resource
Open access to a growing number of articles authored by scholars from over 100 academic institutions. (FirstGov for Science) Unrestricted Resource
A gateway to authoritative, selected science information provided by U.S Government agencies, including research and development results.

National Academies Press Unrestricted Resource Some full text availabledatabase
Downloadable PDF versions of more than 4,000 books and technical reports on a wide range of topics in science, engineering, and health, capturing the most authoritative views on important issues in science and health policy.

ChemWeb Unrestricted Resource Some full text availabledatabase
The ChemWeb Chemistry Portal allows free searching of journal abstracts from chemistry publishers such as Bentham, Elsevier, Springer and others covering over 500 journals. Search by title and issue or use Journal Search for full-text search of abstracts across all journals. For access to specific articles, search the Library Web site using the Articles and databases tab.
Note: current

Journal Ranking
Both of the following sources attempt to measure the value or impact of scientific scholarship by journal of publication.  The measures are largely based on the frequency of citations to published articles correlated with the journal ranking.  SCImago also applies similar methodologies to scientific scholarship by country of origin. Unrestricted Resource database
Eigenfactor ranks scholarly journals in the natural and social sciences (and also newsprint, PhD theses, and popular magazines) using citation data and journal price.

SCImago Journal & Country Rank Unrestricted Resource
The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a portal that includes the journals and country scientific indicators developed from the information contained in the Scopus database. These indicators can be used to assess and analyze scientific domains.
Periodical Table
American Elements Unrestricted Resource
The periodic table with descriptions of each element including uses and current research, properties and safety data.

Periodic Table Live! Unrestricted Resource
A one-stop site for data on every element in the Periodic Table. Clicking on an element links to a range of information, including history, discovery, preparation, uses, physical data, atomic data, images, video, and crystal structure.

Periodic Table of Videos Unrestricted Resource
The Periodic Table of Elements, with a video explanation for each element.

Visual Interpretation of the Table of Elements Unrestricted Resource
Element - Chemical elements are the fundamental materials of which all matter is composed. From the modern viewpoint a substance that cannot be broken down or reduced further is, by definition an element.
Chemical Drawing Tools
ChemSketch Unrestricted Resource
"ACD/ChemSketch is a chemically intelligent drawing interface that allows you to draw almost any chemical structure including organics, organometallics, polymers, and Markush structures. Use it to produce professional-looking structures and diagrams for reports and publications." Free for personal and academic use. Download here.  

Molecular Playground Unrestricted Resource
For 3D molecular drawing for organic chemistry.  Use a 2D Java Molecular Editor (JME) to generate a 2D molecular structure. The Playground will then convert the 2D structure to 3D in a Jmol applet.  

PubChem Sketcher Unrestricted Resource
PubChem Sketcher is a free chemical structure drawing tool provided by the National Institutes of Health.
Chemical substances
The Periodic Table of Videos Unrestricted Resource
Informative videos about the elements of the periodic table.

PubChem Unrestricted Resource
PubChem provides access to several databases, including the three core databases: PubChem Substance, PubChem Compound, and PubChem BioAssay. PubChem also provides several ways to search: keyword, formula, structure, and classification. PubChem also searches PubMed for medical literature. PubChem is experimenting with a new search interface.

ChemInfo: Chemical Information Sources Unrestricted Resource
A Web directory to selected chemistry resources, primarily resource guides, databases, and instructional materials.

ChemSpider Unrestricted Resource
ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database providing fast access to over 30 million structures, properties and associated information.

Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB) Unrestricted Resource
Comprehensive, peer-reviewed toxicology data for about 5,000 chemicals.

USPTO Patent Search Unrestricted Resource
Full-text access to patents issued since 1976, full-page images since 1790; also, full-text search of published applications since March 2001.  
Research support for Chemistry
Chemical Information Resources Unrestricted Resource
Comprehensive open access guide to research resources and processes for chemistry. Sections include "How and Where to Start," "How and Where to Search: General," "How and Where to Search: Specialized," "Communicating in Chemistry," and a section on history, teaching, careers, and chemoinformatics. The guide is comprehensive and many of the resources mentioned are not available at St. Cloud State University.

Clinical Chemistry Guide to Scientific Writing Unrestricted Resource
A series of 14 short educational articles on how to design and write scientific research papers for publication.

Designing conference posters Unrestricted Resource
Useful guide for "Do's and Don't's" in designing and creating conference posters.

Pulling Off a Poster Presentation Unrestricted Resource
Guidelines for creating a successful scientific poster presentation from the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley.

Scientist's Guide to Poster Design Unrestricted Resource
This is a detailed guide to designing and creating conference poster presentations, with useful tips on software tools and links to other sources of information.  
Facts, definitions, overviews
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
REF QD65 .C4 Check MnPALS Catalog for Location and Availability
A reference source for chemical and physical property data, nomenclature, structure, and composition of substances. Includes physical constants of organic and inorganic compounds, conversion factors, and much more. Published annually.

Organic Syntheses Unrestricted Resource
Organic Syntheses provides detailed, reliable, and carefully checked procedures for the synthesis of organic compounds; some procedures describe practical methods for the preparation of specific compounds of interest, while other procedures illustrate important synthetic methods with general utility.

NIST Chemistry WebBook Unrestricted Resource Some full text available
Provides access to chemical and physical property data for chemical species;data are from collections maintained by the NIST Standard Reference Data Program and outside contributors. Data are organized by chemical species. Access is free.

MSDS Xchange Unrestricted Resource
An extensive collection of over 1 million materials safety data sheets (MSDS) from coporations and laboratories worldwide.  

Chemical Heritage Unrestricted Resource
Explore the history of chemistry through biographies of leading chemists and innovators and through research themes and key events.

eMolecules Unrestricted Resource
eMolecules is a chemistry search engine that allows searching by chemical structures and chemical names, including SMILES (a typographical method for specifying molecules), common chemical names, trade names, IUPAC name, or CAS number.


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