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Finding scholarly journals
Journals published by National Council on Family Relations are all available full text through SCSU library databases. Most recent 5 years is available in microfiche in the basement.:
         Journal of Marriage and Family
         Family Relations
        Journal of Family Theory and Review

TIP:  Search the following three databases (Academic Search Premier, ERIC, and PsycINFO) simultaneously.
Open Academic Search Premier. 
Click Choose Databases link above search box.

On next page, click ERIC and PsycINFO.
Then click OK and perform search. Items from all three databases will appear in search results.

Academic Search Premier (all topics) from EBSCO Restricted Resource Some full text availablefindit elm database
Full-text articles in biology, chemistry, education, engineering, humanities, physics, psychology, religion and theology, sociology, etc. Tip: Click the check box to limit to Academic (Peer Reviewed) Journals.

ERIC (EBSCO) Restricted Resource Some full text availablefindit elm database
ERIC is the primary database supporting research in all areas of education, including psychology, administration, and library science.

PsycINFO Restricted Resource findit database
PsycINFO is the premier source for finding scholarly articles and other information relating to all aspects of psychology and related fields.

Professional Collection (Education) Restricted Resource findit database
The Professional Collection is a selection of more than 300 full-text journals for educators. It offers balanced coverage for any professional educator in the following areas: arts and humanities; child and adolescent psychology and development; drug and alcohol abuse; health/nutrition/fitness; learning disabilities; literature; school law; science and technology; social sciences; and sports/athletic training
Locating a Specific Journal Title
On occasion you may find an article from a bibliography of another article. Or your professor may recommend that you look in a specific journal. To locate articles under these circumstances, follow the following directions:

1.  On library homepage, click red Journal Title link in Be a Power Searcher area.

2.  Type exact journal title into search box.
3.  At next screen, click red journal title link.

4.  Read next screen to see how to access the full text for this journal. Note the dates carefully. Click on the appropriate SCSU database title (in black font and underlined). 

Note that JSTOR does not include the most recent years.

Note that issues for this journal through the present are available on MICROFICHE, located alphabetically by journal title in the Basement (turn right from stairs).
5.  From the online version of the journal (JSTOR in this case), you will need to search within the journal. Usually entering the article title is the easiest way to locate the article you need. Depending on the journal title, you may need to browse the issues by date and issue and then look for the title in the table of contents.
6.  If title does not appear when you first type it in (step #3 above), that means SCSU does not own any of the content of this journal. If you need the article, on library homepage, on top left navigation bar, click Borrow, Request, Renew, then Interlibrary Loan.

Then click Request an Article, logon as directed, and fill in article information. You'll get an email in your HuskyNet email with a note on how to access the article.
Logon to My Account to see progress of interlibrary loan process.
Online resources
Government resources:

Minnesota Department of Early Childhood Family Education Unrestricted Resource
The U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state, and local government web resources and services.

Child Welfare Information Gateway Unrestricted Resource database
Provides access to information and resources to help protect children and strengthen families. The Library search includes links to over 22,300 bibliographic citations and abstracts. Includes links to full text of 70+ NCCAN publications, including "user manuals" and information on state statutes.

U.S. Department of Education Unrestricted Resource
The Department of Education website includes valuable information on all levels of education, including statistical and financial information sources. The site provides a useful search engine.


Ask a Librarian

Click red box to access email (answered usually within an hour during regular Reference Desk hours), chat (available 24 / 7), phone numbers for SCSU Reference Desk, and online form to set up a one-on-one (in person or via telephone) research consultation with a librarian.
Related Guides
Featured library book

Father involvement in young children's lives: A global analysis 

HQ756 .P38 2013

RefWorks and APA citations
APA style at OWL Purdue
Includes citation help for in-text as well as bibliography.

 Write-N-Cite can be downloaded onto your computer to assist in creating in-text citations. For help with this feature, click here:  Write-N-Cite.

Finding Scholarly Articles on the Job
After you receive your degree, you can still access scholarly journal articles through ELM (Electronic Library of Minnesota). You may need a barcode or identification number from your public library to log on to these databases.

ELM: Electronic Library for Minnesota Unrestricted Resource elm database
ELM (eLibraryMN) gives Minnesota residents online access to magazine, journal, newspaper and encyclopedia articles; media including images, videos, audio files; and other information resources via a selection of databases.

On the ELM homepage, click Minnesota Community. Click Databases for You, then A to Z, then use Choose a Database pulldown menu to select Academic Search Premier. Use the Advanced Search to locate journal articles.

You will then have access to any full-text articles on the database. You may be able to work with your public library to get copies of articles not available through ELM.

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