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FAQS: Printing, Scanning, Copying

1. How do I print double or two-sided pages?

Two-sided (duplex) printing is now the default in most General Access Labs on campus. You still have the option of one-sided printing in all of these labs.

2. How do I print from a library computer workstation?

From a library workstation, click print in your browser or click the print button. Then, go to one of the printers in the library to retrieve your print job.

Printers are available in the library on the first floor near the reference desk and in the extended hours lab, and on the second and third floors in the computer labs.

At the printer, touch the screen and login using your StarID and password. Then slide your campus ID card and select the print job(s) you want to print. Your print jobs will stay in the system for 90 minutes.

Every student gets $8 for printing each semester. To print or photocopy more, simply add money to your card. Printing is 4 cents per page.

3. How do I print in color?

When you print from a workstation within the library, select MC201CLR on huskyprint from the print menu. You can pick up your color prints in the second floor computer lab. Ask the computer lab consultant on the second floor for assistance.

4. How do I print multiple PowerPoint slides on a page from D2L?

To print multiple slides on one page from D2L, you have to save the file into your Filespace or onto the desktop. (Click Save in dialogue box). Then, open up your file in PowerPoint, and select File>Print. Use the printer settings menu to choose how your file will be printed.

5. How do I print PowerPoint slides?

To print multiple slides on one sheet, go to File>Print. Then use the "Settings" menu to select the format in which you would like them to be printed:

6. How much does it cost to print?

  • Black and white, single sided: 4 cents
  • Black and white, double-sided: 7 cents
  • Color, (8.5 x 11) : 25 cents
  • Color, (11 x 17) : 50 cents
For more information ask the computer lab consultant on the second floor for assistance.

7. Is there a 3-D printer at the library?

3-D printing is not currently offered on campus.

8. Where can I find a fax machine?

Fax services can be found at Copies Plus in Atwood Center.

9. Where can I find a scanner?

Scanners are available in the Second Floor East computer lab.

A BookScan station is located across from the Circulation Desk on the first floor. Users have the option of choosing either a flatbed or a sheetfed scanner and can save the newly created file to a USB drive or send it to an email address, Google account, or smartphone/tablet.
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